Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs for Windows

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Get behind the sling

Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs brings you twice the fun you have experienced in playing the classic Angry Birds game. As usual, your brains will be challenged to strategize, hit, and eliminate the pigs in as few shots as possible, but what makes Isle of the Pigs more exciting is that you now get to stand directly behind the slingshot! 

Aim and shoot

The game follows the same, simple mechanics. For those who are not familiar with Angry Birds, your goal here is to aim, shoot, and eliminate the pigs using the birds as your projectiles. What changed in this AR version is that you are no longer just an observer from the other side of the screen because Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs will drag you inside its world. You will find yourself standing directly behind the slingshot while facing the direction of the green pigs, who are relaxing within the protection of flimsy constructions. You can either direct your aim at the pigs or at the buildings in hopes of toppling it over to make the pigs more vulnerable to your shots. If you are lucky, they will get caught in the collapse of their towers and be eliminated without you needing to fire any more birds. Once all the green pigs have popped and vanished, you win the game! This AR version makes it easier for you to aim since you are able to move around the area while the pointer responds accordingly to how you position yourself before firing. 

Get to know your birds

There are different levels in this game and as you progress, expect that each round becomes more difficult and challenging. For instance, the buildings housing the pigs will improve from mere twigs to heavy bricks. Do not worry because you will also have your very own glow up as the levels become harder. You will notice that your birds come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, but those are not just for aesthetics. Their unique forms actually also come with their own special abilities. For example, the black birds are like bombs that explode as soon as they land or touch the target while the big, white bird can lay eggs mid-air to create more damages in different areas of the structures or hit more pigs. There are a bunch of other birds that you will encounter in the game as your breeze past each level like the yellow bird, tiny blue bird, and the green birds. It is up to you to discover what their special abilities are when you play the game. 

Very entertaining 

Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs is an enjoyable game to play. The physics are on point and the character designs are really cute. Being able to change perspectives and look around is also a bonus because you can actually check out your birds who are excited to board your slingshot. They will even give you an encouraging thumbs-up before being launched for an attack! Experiencing the game in AR is certainly an experience that you would not want to miss. 


  • Easy mechanics
  • Responsive controls
  • Easy to aim
  • Cute game characters


  • Few game levels
  • Limited customization options
  • No new concept

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Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.8
  • (22)
  • Security Status

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